The Premier Sprint

Is your app idea good? Need some coaching to iron out the details? Let's talk!

What Is A Sprint?

Sprinting an app idea is useful when you need an unbiased second opinion on your vision. We often work with entrepreneurs and startups who have an idea for an app and are not sure if the idea works. Abstract ideas can be hard to understand.

Starting here can help people understand your idea by giving them a blueprint that is concrete and functional they can work with.

A strategic blueprint that includes a prototype that transforms the conversation when you're pitching your idea, whether you're explaining it to a friend, or speaking with a potential investor to help you fund the complete version of your mobile app.

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How Do We Deliver?

The Premier Sprint is a 5 to 15-day system for solving problems and testing new ideas. Premier App Solutions has adapted Google Venture's Sprint into a process for thoroughly flushing out concepts.

When you work with our Premier Sprint Team, we are in constant contact with regular phone or video calls, and updates.

At the end of your Sprint engagement, we deliver a basic prototype app, project roadmap, a technical requirements document, and cost estimates to build your project.

Why Take The Small Step?

Your idea is good. Let's build something together. Have our Founder and CEO Brittany Matthews help.

We know what it's like starting from scratch. It's scary. We have built apps for over 5 years. Since then we've built many apps for small businesses, non-profits, and influencers. 

And in that process, we realized what we are good at. Building a first-class app from scratch. We have been in your shoes. Let us help.

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