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 Speaker Request

Eye-Opening Insights. Unforgettable Delivery


When you want the good, bad, and ugly truth about what it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur, consider Brittany Matthews as a speaker at your next event.

Get real issues dealt with and thought-provoking strategies culled from more than 10 years of entrepreneurship starting from the ground up. Guaranteed to bring the house down.

Signature Keynote
Overcome Yourself: Revolutionary Strategies to Eliminate Self Doubt & Grow Your Business

Check your perspective and adjust your attitude. Just because people repeat a phrase, over again and over again, doesn’t make it true. Case in point: These times, everyone is talking about unprecedented uncertainty. Don’t believe them. There’s no more uncertainty today than there was before the pandemic. And, if you’ve been paying attention, decision-makers today are behaving exactly as you would expect them to, given the circumstances. They evolve and so can you!

Brittany is also available to share her unique insights on overcoming the struggles as a minority woman in entrepreneurship, her success with sales strategies, supplier diversity, inclusive leadership, having a champion mindset, and more.

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